PRINCE2 PMP Certification


PRINCE2 is a Project management methodology that focuses on the team and project environment. Its syllabus is 50% adaptive and 50% predictive, which means that it can be adjusted to the specific needs of any project environment. It can be used in any industry and any size project. It also takes a shorter time to study than the PMP (r) exam.

Project management

If you are in a project where you want to implement a structured approach to project management, then you should consider PRINCE2 project management methodology. The basic principles of the PRINCE2 methodology are based on the PMBOK(r) guide, and the technique can be lifted to any project environment. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to the types of projects you work on, and it increases your chances of landing a higher paying job.

The PRINCE2 certification is the foundation level of the PMP credential. It has no prerequisites, and it is valid for three years. It is a process-based certification that covers every major aspect of project management. Its goal is to provide project managers with practical tools and techniques that help them improve their processes.

Project management certification

The PRINCE2 Project management certification is a globally recognized standard that validates a person’s expertise in project management. The certification consists of two levels: Foundation and Practitioner. Both certifications focus on the same principles and emphasize the role of process management. The PRINCE2 foundation course provides an introduction to the PRINCE2 methodology and its key elements, and the PRINCE2 Practitioner course validates the candidate’s knowledge of how to successfully lead a project management team.

The PRINCE2 certification also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning for team members. This ensures that each person is capable of reacting to changing conditions. For example, team members are expected to track project progress and note any special events. The results of such evaluations are analyzed and key lessons are disseminated to the entire team.

Cost of certification

The cost of PRINCE2 PMP certification varies from region to region. In the United States, the exam costs around US$490. For non-members, the exam costs about $405 while a student membership costs only $39 and a new member’s application fee is $10. Many project managers value the PMP certification and the benefits that come with it.

PRINCE2 is a methodology for managing projects, while PMP is more a project management approach. There are differences in the certification levels, but they are complementary to one another. A successful project manager should have both certifications.

Value of certification

PRINCE2 and PMP are both globally recognized project management certifications, although the former is more widely used in Europe and the United States. Both certifications are useful in the project management industry, and can also be required for participating in public tenders. They differ only slightly in their scope and are suitable for a wide variety of roles.

The two project management frameworks both offer a body of knowledge and a tried and tested approach to project management. However, deciding which certification is best for your career and the kind of project you are involved in should be based on several factors. The most appropriate certification for you will depend on the type of project you are currently working on, the industry you’re working in, and the company you work for. Nevertheless, both certifications are equally valuable for those who seek to gain more knowledge and become a better project manager.