Dealing With Dental Emergencies - The Practical Way

Embarking on our day-to-day activities in your home and work often makes us oblivious of the possibility of dental emergencies which may suddenly occur, without us having the prior knowledge of coping with certain situations. In this guide, we will handle the significance of practical remedies and cautionary measures involving dental emergencies.


One frequent mistake of people who encounter toothaches is they believe that cleaning the enamel and completely gargling with cold water will relieve the pain. In fact, this might just worsen the pain since the bristles of the toothbrush may burn the teeth. It's more powerful to whiten the teeth and rinse your mouth with warm water to make certain that the gums and the teeth are rid of any bacteria latched onto them. Tightly pressing the teeth is also one common mistake people make. If you're experiencing toothaches during the day, it is better not to take a nap, because lying increases the blood flow to the affected region, thereby inflicting more pain on the tooth.

If the toothache is persistent, it is much better to go see your dentist and receive a comprehensive examination to know if the aching tooth has a sill or crack and is needing instant composite filling. The more you self-medicate the tooth, the higher the chances of it becoming worse.

Chipped/Broken Teeth

Chipped teeth are often brought on by slipping on the floor and landing face-first on the cement. Bleeding will automatically ensue from the damaged region due to the continuing effect. But before moving to wash your mouth, recover the cracked pieces of your teeth and visit your dentist as soon as possible. Apply cold compress on the lips or other regions affected by the effect before moving to the dentist.

Knocked Out Tooth

Having a tooth knocked will require proper treatment and care, as well as quick thinking. If you suddenly got an whole tooth knocked out, hold it by the crown, not from the root. Immediately rinse emergency dental treatment from any foreign bacteria from the surface it fell into. Don't wash or brush it, because regenerative cells are still intact on the root. If you believe it may be reinserted to its socket, do so by carefully aligning and reattaching it. If this does not work, put it in a clean container of milk or even a glass of water with a pinch of table salt. The processes mentioned previously should take 10 to 15 minutes of your time. Again, do not stutter to stress. Dedicate another half hour to moving to the nearest dentist. Do not wait in line. Tell the secretary that it is an emergency and that your tooth was knocked off. Fallen teeth have significantly higher chances of being flashed if carried into the dentist an hour after being knocked off.

Objects Caught In-between Teeth

In situations such as these, the frequent treatment of people is poking out that the object trapped in-between the teeth by using a sharp object. This isn't the way it should be done. First and foremost, use dental floss to effectively dislodge the trapped object. If this doesn't work, see your dentist. Any subsequent poking is only going to induce reparation of the tooth surface.

Lost Filling

Though highly improbable in most cases, suddenly losing entire dental fillings is not any rare event in the field of dentistry. Eating extremely hard-to-chew foods may rip out the entire dental filling, causing severe pain. In cases like these, you ought to cover the exposed area with sugarless gum or better yet, if there's clinic near, buy over-the-counter dental cement to guarantee maximum protection for the tooth before you proceed to the dentist.

Broken Brace Wires

Wire braces use tough, stainless steel metal that can't be cut by just kitchen shears alone. When the wires abruptly stick out, be as careful as possible in repositioning the wire back to its original place. Even better, see the orthodontist who set up your braces to prevent any potential damage on your gums. Cases like these are regular especially when one gets tempted to eat prohibited foods for brace-owners. Mouth sores can also be set to follow in three days if left unattended.

Loose Brackets

Use exactly the same treatment as broken wire
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